In the meantime…

I’ve been trying hard to get the t-shirt quilt for my daughter done.  I want to at least get the top put together before I have to start packing up the house for our move.  I’d love to have it all done before her graduation party but I’m not super-human!

I had to find and order some more of the grey fabric that I’m using for the sashing & border.  I knew I would but I had to get things put together a little bit so I could see how much more I would need.  And now I’m just waiting.

I thought I could work on fabric cutting while I wait.

cutting fabric

Remember this quilt I started last year?  You would not believe all the little pieces that go into this quilt.  I have to admit that the fabric cutting part of quilting is my least favorite part.  I cut out little pieces until I can’t take it anymore and then I put it away.

This quilt is a scrap quilt that I was using my son’s cut up shirts in.  I’m cutting up the pieces and putting them in baggies so eventually, I’ll be all ready to put it together.

cutting fabric

Long ago, I learned to make a couple blocks first so that I could make sure that I understood the cutting instructions.  There’s nothing more frustrating than cutting all your (expensive) fabric up and realizing when you start piecing that you did it wrong!  And the older I get, the easier it is to misread the directions.  I thought it said 2  3/8″ but it really said 2  7/8″.  You know what I mean? (This happens when I cook too!)

fabric prep

This quilt has star points in blue & brown, corner pieces, pinwheels, log cabin pieces and hourglass pieces.  I haven’t even gotten to the border triangles yet although I think those are the same as the star points.  Plus, I like to make sure I’m using a good mix of all my scrap fabric so it’s a little time consuming.  So far, I think I have all the blue star points cut out and some of the log cabin strips.  I guess I’d better get back to work now.

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