Crabapples Finished!

I finished the Crabapples Scrap quilt-top this weekend!

Crabapples quilt

I’m so happy I found this project to use up some of the fabric I already have!  Sometimes you order fabric online and it’s just not the right color/style when you see it up close or you buy more of a fabric than you need for one project and next thing you know, you have a bit of a fabric stash.  I used up that ugly brown that I bought for my Farmer’s Wife quilt (and never used) on the outside border of this quilt.    Can’t wait to see it quilted.


5 thoughts on “Crabapples Finished!

  1. I pulled out my book to look at the pattern. I want to start cutting my scraps into usable pieces so I could start things like this. Just realized the base of the tree is paper pieced. Is there another way? I don’t like paper piecing! I haven’t worked on Virginia Bound since our class!

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