T-shirt quilt Part 2

This week I’ve been laying out the t-shirt blocks, moving them around and trying to get some idea how I want to proceed with this quilt.

I found some wonderful inspiration on the internet in the form of a quilt that had shadow blocks behind the t-shirt blocks.  I loved it.  I thought the quilt that I’m making would look good with those shadow blocks since they’re not all the same size.  I found some black fabric and pre-washed it and made a couple blocks to show you what I’m talking about.  I also pulled some pretty grey fabric out of my stash to use as the background/sashing/border between the blocks.  My daughter is into grey these days and this makes a really nice light background.

t-shirt blocks

Not sure if you can see it since I just threw these down on top of the grey fabric but the black “shadow blocks” will really make the t-shirt blocks pop up.  Trust me, it’ll look better when I’m all finished!

I really liked putting my son’s name on his quilt so I decided to put my daughter’s name on this quilt.  I used the free pieced letters technique that I learned in Bonnie Hunter’s Love Shack workshop.

Pieced letters

It’s pretty easy.  You just sew some fabrics together and then cut them however big you want your finished blocks to be.  That “S” was really hard though – don’t look at it too close.  These blocks are 4  1/2 inches, unfinished.

So, the whole plan is to put the shadowing blocks behind all the t-shirts, grey fabric in between then I’m going to use these name blocks on the top and add some colorful star blocks to it to make a border for the top.  I want to use the same colorful fabrics to make a checkerboard border for the bottom.  It seemed like the middle part of the quilt would be pretty square so I thought adding a border to the top & bottom would make it a better size.  We’ll see when I get it finished.

t-shirt quilt layoutYes, there’s a blank white block on the right side.  It’s printable fabric that I’m going to print out one of my daughter’s cheerleading photos on.  I just have to get her opinion on which one to use.

t-shirt quilt layout2

That’s the plan; now I just have to get to work and get it finished!

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