Spring Butterflies

I wanted to do a small Spring project and decided maybe some butterfly blocks would be fun.  I looked around the internet and found this one in a couple places.  It’s called Butterfly by Alice Brooks.  I actually got the templates and followed the tutorial on the sewnbyleila.blogspot.  Butterfly 1

It’s challenging with all the curved pieces but it turned out pretty.  It’s supposed to have the antennae embroidered on but I don’t have any thick black thread at the moment.  I actually wanted to use these butterfly blocks for a potholder but this one is 12 inches so it’s a little big for that.

I looked for other patterns and found several on craftsy.com but they cost money.  I decided to make my own using EQ7 and made this one as a paper pieced project.

Butterfly 2

It’s made with little bits of batiks.  Things are a little off but that’s what happens when you have to make your own paper pieced patterns.  It’s 8 inches which would be a good size for a potholder.  I think antennae would look cute embroidered onto this as well.

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