Barn Quilts

I’ve been on the road again this week looking at real estate.  I’m not sure about finding my dream house but I did find several barn quilts!  The first one I saw was on Hwy 24 eastbound -I think.  I cut through the country to get from Kansas City to Moberly.  We took highway 210 to 10 to highway 24.  I drove 115 miles with no one in front of me or behind me so I was cruising along enjoying the drive and all of a sudden, there was a quilt block painted on a barn over to my left.  It’s somewhere along one of those roads but I just can’t tell you exactly where.  You know how you think – did I just see that?

We came back on I-70 and saw 2 more barn quilts!  Those really come at you fast.  We were heading westbound and saw the first one off to the left at exit 111.  I don’t think you could see it if you were heading eastbound.  The next one was on our right side near exit 106.

I checked the internet for some kind of directory and found this wonderful map and website.

It looks like you could take a whole tour through central Missouri to see all the barn quilts.  I tried hard to find a map or directory for other parts of Missouri but couldn’t find any information about the area I had driven through.  I’m sure there are more barn quilts out there but maybe they’re just not as well documented.  Keep your eyes open for these lovely and unusual roadside decorations.

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