Cotton Candy Girl Quilt & Extra Blocks

I’ve been hard at work trying to design and make this baby quilt.  I saw a picture of a quilt with this pattern but never could find an actual pattern.  I worked it out on the EQ7 but that thing frustrates me because it gives me the long version of how to make the blocks.  I like shortcuts!  I thought maybe I could make a pink block and a white block and cut them in half & sew them back together but that didn’t work.  Oh, all the trials and errors.  I’m not the smartest cookie in the jar when it comes to math & geometrical stuff but I did finally get things worked out and I like how it turned out.

Cotton Candy Dreams quilt

I made half square triangles for the center and 2 outside corners of each block and added strips of pink and white.  This creates pinwheels where the blocks meet.  I kept it simple with pink & white borders.

Cotton Candy Dreams

Now for the exciting part!  I recently heard that Bonnie Hunter is coming out with a new book this Spring called “More Adventures with Leaders and Enders”.  Good for Bonnie but I was like, “What!  I haven’t even made any quilts from her first leaders & enders book!”  If you’re not a fan of Bonnie Hunter, you might be wondering what this is.  Leaders and enders are those little pieces you feed through before or after you sew your quilt pieces to keep the thread from getting bunched or pulling out of the needle.  Bonnie’s method is to keep a box of scrap pieces cut and by your machine and sew these together as you’re working on other projects and before you know it – you have another quilt!

For the last few years, I’ve been a chain-piecing maniac.  I realized how much less thread is wasted and how much less mess is created when you always have something under the pressure foot.  Not to mention how much time you save by not putting your pressure foot up & down and having to re-thread the machine when the darn thread pulls out.  Sometimes, though, you just run out of things to feed through the machine so an extra project that’s ready to go would be awesome.

I’ve had my eye on the Crabapples quilt from Bonnie’s “Adventures with Leaders and Enders” book for a few years.  According to the instructions, I only need 854 – 1  1/2 inch light squares and 829 -1  1/2 inch dark squares.  (If only I had started cutting out squares when I got the book back in 2011, I might be halfway done by now!)  I tried not to let this deter me and I got to work cutting into my stash.  I spent a couple hours last week cutting little squares.  I went house hunting in Moberly, MO and had a quick stop at Appletree Quilting in Columbia.  Now I have more fabric to cut into little squares.

Anyhoo, long story short, I cut some squares and pieced them while I was working on the baby quilt at the same time.  Super easy and I have 5 blocks done already.  Why have I not been doing this all along?

Crabapple blocks

2 thoughts on “Cotton Candy Girl Quilt & Extra Blocks

  1. I am now much better about the leader/ender thing also. I usually just have 2 projects going so that I always have a block ready to go. I always buy Bonnie Hunter’s book, but I don’t think I’ve ever made anything either! I’m always so put off by all the pieces! I still haven’t finished the Virginia Bound quilt from the workshop where we met. How about you?

    1. I did finally finish that quilt last year. You can see a picture under the Scrap Quilts tag here on my blog. I called it Rocky Road to Kansas City. I do love her quilts but I’m with you – sooo many pieces.

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