Final Block of the Month!

The final 2013 Kansas City Star block of the month was in the newspaper last week and I was ready!  I got it put together quickly.

Dec KC Star block of the month

I’ve been hard at work on all those sashing blocks but still only have half of them done!  For some instant gratification, I went ahead and put the center part of the quilt together.

center part of quilt

I just keep working on it.  I’m more than ready to finish it up and move on to the next project.  I think it’s going to be a really pretty Christmas-y quilt.

Home-made Tablet Cover

I was recently traveling with my mom and she brought along her fancy, new tablet.  She had it stowed in a little bag but I got to thinking she could use some sort of soft, protecting cover to keep it safe and maybe that cover could come from me and be a nice Christmas gift!  (I’m always thinking brilliant thoughts like that.)  So I went online to get some ideas.  I was thinking it should be more of a pocket than a sleeve and I found just the thing and a wonderful tutorial at  The tutorial is actually made by a blogger at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

My problem with this project was that I didn’t actually have the tablet here to work with and I didn’t want to ruin the surprise by nonchalantly asking my mom for the dimensions of her new tablet.  I went online and found the type of tablet (I think) and made a cardboard model of it.  Armed with that model; I tried to follow the instructions on the tutorial.

I found some fun travel fabric and put it together with some red fabric (Mom’s favorite color) but here is where I ran into trouble.

fabric for tablet

This fabric is directional and I wanted the pictures to be facing up when she looked at it or opened/closed the tablet cover.  I’m not sure why I had such a hard time but twice I sewed it upside down so that the open end that’s supposed to be the flap produced an upside down image.  The second time, I just closed it up and used a seam ripper to open the other end and put in the elastic for the loop closure.

Tablet cover

It was a pretty easy project with most of the effort being the quilting.  I cheated with the criss-cross quilting since I have a weird metal thing that hooks to my machine and I just adjust it to the distance I want and then keep it in the previous sewn line.  It keeps me from having to draw all those lines.  I just have to draw one line in each direction.  I’m just praying that my mom’s tablet actually fits in here since I’m guessing that my state-of-the-art cardboard tablet is probably a little thinner than hers.  I tried to add a little extra on the measurements but I think the tablet should fit fairly snug.

my tablet cover

Another Christmas gift finished!