Candy Coin Purse

I realized the other day that Christmas is just a couple months away.  Ack!!  There are three young girls in my life that I buy gifts for and if I’m on the ball, I actually like to make them something.  I’ve made them aprons, doll quilts, quilts and t-shirts with the first letter of their name appliqued onto the front.  Since they share toys & dolls, I never know what new toy they do or don’t have and they actually seem to like when I make something just for them.

This year, I was racking my brain for what I could make.  The older they get, the more they seem to like gift cards from their favorite stores.  I thought maybe I could make each of them a bag or purse and put a gift card inside.  I scoured the internet for some inspiration and happened upon these sweet tooth pouches made from candy wrappers.  There’s an awesome tutorial on  so I gave it a try.

Candy Wrapper coin purse

The tutorial made it look super easy but still, I had a few problems.  My first problem was that I only bought one package of candy!  You need 2 for this project since you just use the front of the package.  I had absolutely no problems eating 2 packages of candy!  It was after that when, as usual, I had issues following the sewing directions.  I just had to rip a couple of seams and re-sew because I saw there were going to be problems turning everything right side out and really, that’s the toughest part.  I think it turned out really cute!

Inside of Candy wrapper coin purse

It’s a very inexpensive project since you just need some candy, a little bit of fabric, iron-on vinyl, and a zipper.  I have to get some more candy (and eat it) since I plan on making 2 more of these coin purses.  I’m going to try and use different candy wrappers so each girl gets a different purse.

Candy coin purse gift

They’ll be perfect to stick a gift card and some candy inside!  Now I’m looking at all the candy wrappers in the candy aisle at the store differently.  What else can I make into a bag?