Hexagon Quilt Update

Hexagon quilt

I started this English paper pieced hexagon quilt back in April since it seems like everybody and their brother is making one.  I don’t want to be left out!  I think it’s cool when the new craze is really something old.  I thought it would be a great take-along project to use up even the tiniest  scraps.  This is a variation on the Grandmother’s Flower Garden pattern.  Most of those patterns have another layer of colored fabric around the flower but as usual, I dove into this project before really looking at the patterns so this is how mine is going to look.  That’s what I love about quilting, there’s really no wrong way to do things.

I found a free hexagon template sheet online and printed it out on card stock on my printer.  One sheet had 28 hexagons on it and I think I’ve printed out 3 sheets now.  I cut out the templates and they make a nice stiff pattern to sew around but are still flexible enough to pull out.  This is sort of an inch-worm project.  I cut out some tiny pieces of fabric, sew them into hexagons using the templates/patterns, sew those together, pull out the templates on the inside pieces and start over.

This is a great project for watching TV, long car rides (when you’re not driving of course), watching 3 hours of talent at the Miss Missouri State Fair pageant, etc..  I’ve done a lot of these activities this summer so I’m making pretty good progress.  Now that I’ve gotten this far, I started thinking about how to finish this project.  I wasn’t sure how to square things up.  A quick search online looks like some just go with a jagged edged quilt and some just cut the hexagons to make a straight edged quilt.  Obviously I have a long way to go but you get to thinking about these things when you’re piecing little tiny pieces!

2 thoughts on “Hexagon Quilt Update

    1. Gina, I owe you one! I’m always looking for a new project/excuse to make a quilt. You just tell me what size, what colors & what pattern you prefer. (I may not be able to guarantee quick delivery though.)

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