Signature Quilt

It’s been a busy summer but I’ve dragged myself back to the sewing machine.  I wanted to finish up this quilt top since it’s made from blocks that I received last fall!  These are signature blocks that were made for me when I left Germany and the Black Forest Quilt Guild.  Those sweet ladies sent them to me after we got settled in here.close up of signature block

These are scrappy friendship star blocks that most of the ladies signed for me.  I got an odd number of them so I had to make a couple to get everything to come out square.

Kitty helping with the quilt

Here’s my cat trying to help me.  Since the blocks didn’t make a very big quilt, I decided to add some sort of border.  With all the scrappy colors, I thought a scrappy piano keys border would look nice.  I added a small white border to separate all the colors and bring out the light background around the stars.  I also made smaller friendship stars for the corner blocks.

Signature Friendship Star quilt

It’s a very colorful quilt!  But I love that my friends signed the blocks and I’ll always be able to remember them.  I have no idea what fabric I’ll use to bind this quilt.  I could use the white or maybe some dark fabric.

Signature Friendship Star quilt

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