Kansas City Star July Block

2013 KC Star July block

Well, I’ve dragged myself back to the sewing machine!  It’s been a busy summer here with work & family things going on.  I wanted to keep up with the block of the month though so here is the July block.  After taking a look at it in the paper, I was worried it might take me all month to finish this one.  It was a challenge!  I’ve never put together a block in this way.  I’m noticing in the picture that my center star didn’t come out all the straight but it’s not too noticeable in the actual block.

For this block, the center part was made first, then the outside star arms were put together and attached with partial seams to the center portion.  Hard to describe and I was just not sure if I would be able to figure it out but I followed the directions and after a couple of the star arms were attached, I got the hang of it.  Despite a little crookedness, I think it looks nice.  I was so happy to use up some of that dark red, which is a Christmas print that someone gave me with little Santa sleighs on it.  I have probably 2 yards of it and it needs to be used up.

Here are all the blocks together:

2013 blocks

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