Fabric Field Trip

I took a little trip this week to see a well known quilt shop that’s not far from me…

quilting field trip

Maybe you’ve heard of the Missouri Star Quilt Company and all their fun online tutorials?  Well, I found out that they are just an hour away from me so I decided to check out their actual store which is located in Hamilton, MO.  It was a beautiful day so I packed a picnic lunch and headed out.  Hamilton is located about 12 miles off of I-35 north of Kansas City.  I can report that there isn’t a lot to see there besides the quilt shop.  It’s a sleepy little Missouri town with some actual horse & buggy traffic!  (I guess they have some Amish residents.)

The store is fairly large and smells new.  They have a nice selection of fabric but I didn’t see many patterns or tools.  The staff is super friendly and they told me that there are sometimes busloads of ladies that visit them.  I had decided before I got there that I would limit myself to a yard or so of some background fabric for a US map quilt that I’m working on.  This meant, of course, that I had to look over ALL the fabric so I could make a good choice.  I found my fabric, looked around town and headed back to Kansas City.  I would say they do most of their business online and they have those awesome tutorials which I love.  Check out their website here.

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