Scrappy Houses Finished

I guess I lost a couple of weeks being sick or someone in my family being sick and here we are at the end of April!  Our weather has been a bit of a roller coaster so I finished up this scrappy houses quilt top last week when we had a yucky day.  I’ve just been waiting for someone in my family to help me take pictures.  Here’s what happens when I lay things down to photograph:

Scrappy house quilt & cat

Someone always thinks I laid that quilt down for them!  That’s my kitty Shadow.  She likes to get in the pictures.

Scrappy Houses quilt

Here it is without the cat.  I thought it would be fun to make a quilt with all different color houses and throw in some red & black and here it is!  I just used my fabric stash to make this except I wanted a black & white striped piece of border so I had to go out and buy some striped fabric.  I wish now that the stripe was a little bit bigger to show up more but it’s done now so, oh well.

close-up of striped border

The black & white house I made looks a little off but I like it.  My husband said it’s the ghost house.  I just thought it would be fun to add.  Overall, it’s a colorful, bright quilt that I really like and I only had to buy one yard of fabric.  Now I just have to add this to the pile for quilting.

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