Cool Sewing Statue!

I’ve been trying to get out and see the sights in my new city when the weather cooperates.  Kansas City is known for it’s fountains and it’s sculptures and  I had to check this one out especially since it celebrates the old garment district and something near & dear to my heart – sewing!

Kansas City Garment District statue  This button & needle statue is near the corner of 8th and Broadway downtown and is in the heart of what used to be the garment district.  Apparently, from World War I through the 1940’s, the garment district here in Kansas City employed nearly 4000 people.  There’s even a Kansas City Garment District Museum (which I wasn’t able to visit because it’s only open on Friday afternoons).  According to their website though, during the heyday of the garment district, “1 out of every 7 women in the U.S. purchased a garment designed and made in Kansas City”.  Pretty cool little piece of history.

Kansas City button & needle statueIf you’re in the area you have to stop by and see it.  It’s right off I-70 in downtown Kansas City.  There just aren’t enough sculptures/ statues that celebrate sewing!

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