Rocky Road finally finished!

Rocky Road to Kansas CityI started this quilt 2 years ago when Bonnie Hunter came to our quilt guild in Germany and I attended her workshop.  It’s actually called Virginia Bound and it’s from her “Scraps & Shirttails” book.  I changed the border around a little and re-named it “Rocky Road to Kansas City” since it’s the rocky road pattern and we we in the process of moving to Kansas City.  I loved the idea of using up all my scraps and I really thought this quilt would make more of a dent in my bag of scraps but it really didn’t.  I have plenty more where that came from!  Bonnie’s workshop and scrap organization methods really opened up new worlds of quilting for me and I hope to make a lot more scrap quilts.

Virginia Bound block

Making the blocks was a little tedious.  You paper piece all your little scrap pieces onto tracing paper and then tear away the paper.  That took the most time.  The blocks are big though and once they’re all pieced together, you have a huge quilt.  I shrank the pattern down to make 4 smaller blocks for the outer border corners.

quilting detail on Rocky Road quilt.The quilt was machine quilted by Sharon Wilson who is a member of my new quilt guild here in Kansas City.  She did an all-over pattern in variegated thread.  For just a scrap quilt, I think it turned out beautifully.

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