Quilting my Farmer’s Wife quilt

I’ve been trying to find more projects to work on while my sewing machine is repaired.  I started this Farmer’s Wife quilt in July 2011.  A bunch of my friends decided to make it a challenge and keep up with each other via Facebook.  I zoomed through the blocks, making a few each day.  It was so addicting!  Every one is different and all you need is fabric scraps.  It was my summer project for that year and kept me busy and focused while I was sending my oldest son off to college.  We all need projects like that sometimes; to keep our minds off everyday life.


Here’s my cat helping me put all the blocks together last winter.  There are 111 blocks I believe.  This quilt is big!

I got it put together and basted and decided it would be best if I hand quilted.  Obviously I was not in my right mind when I decided that.  So I’ve been plugging away with the hand quilting.  I worked on it after all our stuff was shipped from Germany and then I mailed it so I could work on it here before our stuff got here.  Hand quilting a quilt of this size was not fun in the summer.  It’s great for the winter though and I’ve been trying to work on it a few evenings each week while I watch TV.


I’ve got all the blocks quilted and am working on quilting just inside the brown sashing.


I’ve also got almost all the outer triangles quilted.  You can see here that I’m just free-handing a little motif to fill in the space.  I’m not sure yet what I’ll do on the outer border.  I’m thinking feathers all around and I’m thinking of doing them in contrasting thread instead of brown like I’ve used on the sashing.  It’s a really busy quilt so I don’t want to go overboard with quilting patterns.  I love the quilt though and I think I’ll be sad when I finish it.  It’s been a really fun project and I imagine that someday it’ll be a family heirloom that I hope to pass down to my kids and grand-kids.

The Farmers wife quilt

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