Things break

Last week my sewing machine got a thread stuck in the bobbin case and went kaput.  Isn’t it funny how those things seem to happen when you need it the most and have dozens of projects going on.  It was just one of those weeks where I became afraid to touch anything for fear it would break or fall apart.  This is the second time my machine has done this in the past two years.  It’s going on it’s 10th year and I would love to buy a new one and keep it for a back up but need to wait for more money and more space.  Someday.  I love my Pfaff machine though so I think I’ll stay with that brand.  I recently took a look at the top of the line Pfaffs at a sewing expo and they were NICE.  I couldn’t believe they even cut your thread for you when you stop.  They came with a nice price tag too so I’ll have to dream for a while.

paper pieced sewing machineI made this sewing machine block last summer.  I thought it would make a nice center block for a wall hanging in a sewing room (someday).  I drew it with lots of straight lines on a large piece of paper and then just cut it into pieces and paper pieced it.  I love bright batik fabrics so I envision the wall hanging being really bright and cheerful.

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