Rings and curves


I’ve been working on a double wedding ring quilt to give to my in-laws for their 50th wedding anniversary.  I started out with big plans; I was going to make it a queen sized bed quilt to give them.  I wanted pictures and words on it.  Big Plans.  Soon after I started, I realized this would be too much with a big move coming up.

I used Sharlene Jorgenson’s book and templates to cut and piece everything together.  With time running out, I decided to make it a large lap size quilt.  You can see I’ve used gold colored fabrics for the golden anniversary.

I had a friend of mine embroider their names and wedding date and “50th Anniversary” on a few blocks.  I was making good progress even though sewing all the curves was tedious.  I followed Shar’s instructions and did a lot of pinning.  Her instructions also called for not sewing the center 4 patch blocks until the rows were all joined.  Going back and stitching those together was also time consuming but the seams came together nicely.  I had two halves of the quilt put together and then my sewing machine broke!  I took it into the shop and this is what I have so far.




I’ll post pictures when I get it finished and quilted.  I think it’s going to look great though.

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